About Us

Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) provides an enhanced, holistic, middle school education to Regina’s vulnerable inner city youth.  The school helps break the cycle of poverty amongst its target families through the use of a unique framework and best practices from extended time schools in the U.S.A.  MTMS serves highly motivated, economically disadvantaged, grade 6 – 8 students whose potential for success has been compromised by social and economic factors affecting them and their families.  MTMS delivers the Government of Saskatchewan middle year’s curriculum permeated by the Catholic faith and enriched by extended school time, small class and school size, transitional supports and by an innovative, extensive middle year’s program.

Mother Teresa Middle School seeks to create, “Men and Women for Others” using Jesuit philosophies, models and teaching methods to graduate students who are: Loving, Religious, Intellectually Competent, Open to Growth and Committed to Doing Justice.

MTMS will nurture students with hope and confidence, to apply knowledge to predictable and unpredictable circumstances with a moral conscience and in a digital world.


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