1. Where is Mother Teresa Middle School located?
    Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) is located at 1975 N 2nd Avenue in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  2. How do you choose the students and where will they come from?
    MTMS will select students primarily based on two criteria – need and motivation.  Students and their families will take part in a clearly defined admissions process and most will come from the North Central and Core areas of Regina.  MTMS will provide transportation for students who live within its identified boundaries. 
  3. Is Mother Teresa Middle School only for Catholic students?
    MTMS takes students of all faiths. Parents and students must understand and accept the fact that the school teaches from a faith-based perspective and all students are required to participate in the teaching and celebrations. 
  4. When does the admissions process start?
    The admissions process will start in January and be completed by the end of May annually.  Students who are accepted will be informed by June 1st.
  5. Are all children required to participate in the enrichment programs?
    Yes.  Our students are involved in enrichment activities such as:  cooking, zumba, mindfulness, babysitting, football, art, hip hop, basketball, improv, quilting, beading, singing, yoga, cheerleading, history club, quilling, engineers building engineers, drama etc.  They will also participate in a 3 week summer program.
  6. How many students are accepted per year?
    We will accept a maximum of 20 students per grade.
  7. Is the school for students with behavioural problem or special needs?
    MTMS will take students who are facing academic challenges however it does not have the supports to accommodate students with severe behavioural problems or special needs.
  8. Will the students wear uniforms?
    Students will wear uniform dress/spirit wear provided by MTMS.
  9. Will the students pay tuition to go to Mother Teresa Middle School?
    MTMS is not a tuition based school however families are asked to contribute a nominal monthly fee towards their child’s education.
  10. What will the school day look like?
    The school day will start at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m.  Students will be provided breakfast, lunch and snacks at school. Students are transported to and from school by bus.