Share Your Story

One of our students shares his story :

The top three things at Mother Teresa Middle School that have made a difference in my life are after school programs, A.R reading, and morning prayer.  After school programs are cool and lots of fun.  Our after school programs are different than other schools.  We get to do art and we can do Fresca. We passed our First Aid and babysitting test.  I liked doing art with Mackenzie Art Gallery.  A.R reading helped me get better at reading.  I am reading more books.  I only read little kids books last year.  This year I started to read chapter books.  Prayer has helped me to learn and be quiet.  I actually listen to prayer in the morning.  I listen to every word Mr. Bellevance says and I say the “Our Father” at the end.  Thank you to all MTMS staff.   I had lots of fun this year and I can’t wait until next year.