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One of our students shares his story :

The top three things at Mother Teresa Middle School that have made a difference in my life are after school programs, A.R reading, and morning prayer.  After school programs are cool and lots of fun.  Our after school programs are different than other schools.  We get to do art and we can do Fresca. We passed our First Aid and babysitting test.  I liked doing art with Mackenzie Art Gallery.  A.R reading helped me get better at reading.  I am reading more books.  I only read little kids books last year.  This year I started to read chapter books.  Prayer has helped me to learn and be quiet.  I actually listen to prayer in the morning.  I listen to every word Mr. Bellevance says and I say the “Our Father” at the end.  Thank you to all MTMS staff.   I had lots of fun this year and I can’t wait until next year.


Our Student Services Assistant reflects on Mother Teresa Middle School's out of town trip:

Reflection of Summer Programing 2014

By: Tiffany Kearse


I had the privilege to attend the out of province trip and both weeks of summer camp at the University of Regina. 

As a new staff member, attending the out of province trip was immersive, overwhelming and a truly amazing experience.  The Mother Teresa Middle School staff is nothing short of amazing, and I was humbled by how they welcomed me with opened arms into this family.  Likewise, the students welcomed me similarly.  I was reminded of my experiences as a grade seven student, nervously and anxiously looking for a seat mate on the bus.  Once Maureen Felix eagerly asked me to sit with her, and I was bombarded with questions from herself and her peers I knew that I was going to be okay!

To see all of the students wonder and awe as we explored Calgary, Canmore and Banff was very touching.  Getting to learn and grow with them outside of their usual comfort zones enabled me to connect with these students on a level not otherwise possible, and create lasting relationships.  In addition to having an educational adventure, we also had a lot of FUN! A highlight of the trip was hiking in Canmore with the Bundon’s.  I hiked up the mountain with Skyla Gosselin, a student who thought she wasn’t going to be able to make it.  Each step I took with her, I watched her not only find physical strength and gain, but more so, personal strength and gain as she endured to finish something she thought that she couldn’t.  I saw and felt so much joy as I took her picture at our resting place atop the mountain


Another highlight of the trip was our huge game of capture the flag.  EVERYONE was a part of the game and participated.  To see all of the students so engaged, working together, laughing, devising, plotting and planning made me proud to be a part of Mother Teresa Middle School.

I was very impressed with the seamless organization and all of the timeless hours that went into putting on a University of Regina summer camp for our students.  Our students were exposed to many different things, from writing to rugby to TRX training.  The wide of range activities were able to keep the students excited and engaged.  The students especially enjoyed swimming and canoeing.  My favorite part of the University of Regina summer camp was watching how the grade nine students interacted with the grade six students and mentored them. 

All in all, the summer programming was a positive experience for our students, and a success for everyone involved in coordinating and running programming.  I look forward to working with Becky Schmidt to refine and modify things for Summer Programming 2015, to have the best summer yet!