Student Sponsorship


Please help us fulfill our mission in Regina by enabling a child to reach his or her potential and achieve their dreams by sponsoring a student at Mother Teresa Middle School.

Your student sponsorship helps us close the gap between government funding and the cost to deliver the enriched programming and life-changing experience at Mother Teresa Middle School.

A gift of $20,000 will fully bridge the difference for one child for one year.  A three year commitment will provide for that child for their full three years at MTMS.

A gift of $200 each month under a pre-authorized payment plan will help bridge the gap of educating  a child at MTMS. That is less than $7 per day.  This equates to approximately 10% of the cost for 1 student for one year.  At MTMS our goal is to follow students from enrollment through to employment.  You  will be Investing in their future!  Make a difference today. Our goal is to have 200 donors commit to this sponsor network.  Donate via the link or complete the sponsor form.