The NativityMiguel Coalition is composed of schools that are aligned in terms of mission, governance, core beliefs and outcomes as detailed in the Coalition’s Membership Identity framework.  As such, member Schools:

  • Deliver an explicitly faith-based education
  • Serve the economically-poor
  • Employ an independent governance structure with effective leadership
  • Support graduates beyond graduation
  • Engage the family as partners
  • Extend the school day and year
  • Articulate a commitment to excellence
  • Demonstrate proven, consistent results in the development of the whole child
  • Are invested in the NativityMiguel Coalition.

The 49 member schools are located in 16 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian Provinces.  Our schools educate nearly 3,500 students and support over 6,000 graduates.  Member schools are located in five regions:

Northeast (17 schools in MA/NY/VA)

Mid Atlantic (13 schools in PA/MD/DE/DC/NC/VA)

Mid West (8 schools in IL/WI/KY/MO)

West (9 schools in TX,CA,CO,OR,WA)

Canada (2 schools in SK/MB)

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the NativityMiguel Coalition schools educated 3289 students and supported 7231 graduates and alumni.

  • 73% of students are eligible for the national free lunch program and 15%are eligible for the national reduced lunch program.
  • Additionally, 49% of students are male and 51% of students are female.
  • 42% identify as African-American, 48% as Latino, 3% as Mixed ethnicity, 3% as Asian, 1% as Caucasian, 2% as Native American and 1%as Caribbean.
  • 80% of member schools are accredited and another 3% will be seeking accreditation in the next three years.

Our schools are enrolled at 92% of capacity.

  • On average, our schools enroll 72 students with 17 students at each grade level
  • Our average daily attendance rate is 95%.
  • Our students are in school for 9.2 hours per day, 2.9 more than peers in traditional public schools.
  • More so, 82% of schools provide summer camp, summer school or both for all students for an average of 22 additional days in session.

Over the last four years, our schools reported an average retention rate of 95% from October 1 to September 30 (not including students that have moved). Of the students no longer enrolled from October 1, 2015 to October 1, 2017,

  • 2% of students were dismissed for behavioral reasons, 1% for academic reasons and 3% of parents decided to enroll their child in another school.

Of our students who graduated from middle school in 2017, 61% enrolled in private Catholic high schools,

  • 9.3% enrolled in magnet high schools,
  • 9% enrolled in private, independent, non-Catholic high schools,
  • 11% enrolled in traditional district public high schools,
  • 5.2% enrolled in charter high schools,
  • 3% enrolled in private boarding schools, and
  • 1% enrolled in vocational high schools
  • Of the 638 graduates from our schools in 2016, 76% were enrolled in the entry grade and remained enrolled for all grades.

Of our 523 students who graduated from middle school in 2013, 92% graduated from high school four years later in 2017,

  • 3% remain enrolled in high school.

Of the students who graduated from high school in 2017, 65% enrolled in a 4-year college/university,

  • This includes 30% who enrolled in public colleges/universities, 21% who enrolled in private non-Catholic colleges/universities, and 12% who enrolled in Catholic colleges/universities.
  • An additional 20% enrolled in a 2-year community college, 2% joined the military and 2% enrolled in a vocational school or another type of specialized post-secondary program.

Of our students who graduated from high school in 2013, 19% received a degree from a 4 yr. college/university, 7% completed a 2 yr. college, vocational program or another type of specialized post-secondary program, and 27% remain enrolled in post-secondary education.


For more information about the NativityMiguel Coalition, contact Curtis Kleisinger at or call 306-569-6867