Strength Based Focus

MTMS is a strengths based school. 

A core basic of MTMS Practice Standards is:

Optimized Time for Student Learning

Optimized Time for Student Learning which includes expanded time - school day and year.

Student Engagements in goal setting.  This involves assessing student engagement and strengths and building a proactive culture around it.

“Hope, wellness and engagement are measures that account for between one quarter and one third of the variance in student success.”  B. Busteed – Executive Director of Gallup Education, July 2012.

Student - Hope, Wellness and Engagement

  • Students are assessed 4 times, per year on the Gallup Student Poll.
  • MTMS report card records student strengths data and GSD followed up on student needs.
  • Student Poll data are a key variable in annual MTMS system data recording e.g. Mission Measurement.
  • Students are actively engaged in their own goal-setting in a number of areas to instill hope and engagement.
  • MTMS takes a holistic approach to student wellness by addressing all aspects of student development so students can be actively engaged in school work with less distraction, e.g. physical, social, emotional needs.

Student and Adult Strengths

  • All staff are assessed on Gallup Strengths Finder and all students on Strengths Explorer.
  • All parents are assessed on Strengths Explorer.
  • MTMS provides an extensively enriched program where students could test their developing talents in a safe and nurturing environment.

Strengths Based Leadership

  • MTMS staff and students are aware of their strengths and this information is used in their evaluation, e.g. student report cards, staff supervision documents.
  • Students report three times a year on how they are using their developing strengths.
  • Teachers focus on individual student talent and celebrate use.
  • School administration provide staff with current research and strategies on how to proactively apply strengths.

Student and Adult Strengths

  • Staff members will apply their strengths and use a variety of strategies to model strength use individually and as a team as lead by administration.
  • Grade 6 students will have Strengths Explorer administered and interpreted by the Graduate Support Director.
  • Grade 6 teacher will record in the report card developing student strengths.  Grade 7 teacher will be aware of Grade 7 developing strengths and find opportunities to expand student talents as well as record in the report card.
  • Graduate Support Director will facilitate parents of Grade 6 students personal assessment on Strengths Explorer and connections to work and positive family follow up.
  • Staff is expected to read and apply Teaching with your Strengths.
  • Administration will lead in the implementation of Gallup Living your Strengths (Catholic Version).