Bringing Back the Buffalo Art Show
April 10, 2018
Nine student artists recently had the opportunity to showcase their talents at the, first ever, Bringing Back the Buffalo Art Show. The show was held in Hill Tower II in downtown Regina on March 28. MTMS Artist in Residence, Lorne Kequahtooway joined the students, showcasing some of his own work...

A Few Days at MTMS
June 7, 2017
The Kairos retreat for our 8th grade students was a moment in time to reflect and connect with each other and god.

May 29, 2017
On June 8th, 2017 students and staff within Regina Catholic Schools will embark on a journey towards truth & reconciliation. This is a time of significant change as we journey to understand and acknowledge learning about the history of Residential schools. This date is marked as an annual event...

Tim Horton's Camp
May 8, 2017
After a week at Tim Horton’s camp, we look back and reflect on the amazing opportunity we had! Here are some of the moments that the students had this week, in their own words. "I was Open to Growth when I first tried archery. I was scared on the inside at the start and then I was able to...

Tim Horton's Camp
April 28, 2017
Our students are lucky enough to have an opportunity to travel to Tim Horton's Camp for a week! We will enrich our school year with outdoor activities and team building.    The Tim Horton Children's Ranch, opened in 1991, is spread out over 150 acres in beautiful Kananaskis Country, Alberta....