Community Involvement & Impact

MTMS student are involved in a significant amount of community service "developing men and women for others".

These include:

Me to We:  Walk for Water

After reading the novel, “A Long Walk to Water” as part of the 2017 Global Read Aloud, the Grade 6, 7 and 8 students were inspired to join thousands of others in raising money to build wells in South Sudan.  Students and staff participated in a wintery “Walk for Water” a six kilometre journey around Wascana Lake (the same distance children, especially girls, travel to collect water in South Sudan).  The event was also a collaborative effort with Emerald Ridge Elementary School, who joined MTMS for the walk.  In an attempt to experience only a fraction of their daily reality, teams of students from both schools carried jugs of water on this very chilly November afternoon!  The $230 collected was donated to Water for South Sudan, a non-profit organization committed to building wells in South Sudan.








Me to We:  Eden Care

Grade 6 students enjoyed monthly visits to the elders at Eden Care in 2017-18.  During their time with elders, students developed special connections with elders by sharing in different activities, such as leading bingo games, singing, playing a variety of games, colouring and more.  One of the highlights was the Christmas Dance, in which students also led the elders in a round dance.  A final celebration took place on Intergenerational Day, when the Buffalo Boys Drummers and First Nations Dancers performed and shared their cultural gifts with the elders at Broadway Terrace.  MTMS students are blessed to have the opportunity to give and receive love, friendship and kindness in the space of Eden Care!