Graduate Support

MTMS promises to follow students to employment primarily through the unique involvement of a:

Graduate Support Director


  • Accountable to MTMS Principal working towards a student daily attendance rate of 97%.
  • Works as part of the MTMS team to obtain student success in non-academic areas of development.
  • Assists in the admission of new students.
  • Key in identifying perspective students in the community.
  • Plans and organizes after school enrichment opportunities for students based on interests and strengths.
  • Provides access to external support programs and counseling services.
  • Provides support to classroom teachers in dealing with the individual educational needs of each student. 
  • Prepares individual, non-academic development plans for students.
  • Helps deliver summer programming based on student needs and interests.
  • Liaises with families of students to ensure active parent engagement. 
  • Visits with parents to ensure students’ needs are being met.
  • Chief MTMS student recruiter.
  • Serves as a mentor to students and front line support to parents.
  • Assists staff in offering care for the whole person.