Transition Program for Grade 8 Students

  • There can be significant challenges holistically to successfully transition an MTMS student from MTMS to an appropriate secondary school, e.g. transportation, food, dress, parent advocacy, finances, etc.  MTMS will be proactive in anticipating the unique transition challenges of each student and actively partnering with the receiving school.
  • MTMS will follow students to employment so staff role clarification between the high school and MTMS must be clearly articulated and settled prior to student entry.
  • MTMS operates with high engagement and discernment of each MTMS student.  As a result the process will strategically take several months to complete.  What school exposure strategies does the potential high school have to offer the student?
  • The high school selected will be the “best fit” for the student and all high schools in the Regina area will be considered.  MTMS students are from public and Catholic feeder schools.
  • Additional resources to support the student in high school will be a significant consideration, e.g. bursaries, special school funding, school staff willingness to work with the Graduate Support Director and student mentor.