Hope/Engagement/Well Being

Active student engagement is an essential part of the MTMS educational brand. “Student engagement, hope and wellbeing account for between a quarter and a third of the variance in student academic success” Gallup (2012).

At MTMS, we measure and are aware of our students’ current perceptions of these indicators of student success in attendance and school success.

Our students complete hope, wellness and engagement surveys four times per year. Their results are recorded in their report card and discussed with parents and staff. The strong working relationship between home and school is critical for student hope development.

Engagement – one’s involvement in and enthusiasm for school e.g. “I believe school work is important”.
Hope – one’s ideas and energy for the future e.g. “I believe that I will graduate from high school”.
Wellbeing – how one thinks about and experiences one’s life e.g. “What I think about my life now and how I think it will be in 5 years”.

We receive real time results and anticipate student problems before they happen with the use of a Student Poll in these areas.

For example, our September 2012 student averages for grade 6 and 7 were:

  • Engagement with school – 87%
  • Hope for the future – 81%
  • Well being in the community – 80%

We record individual results three times a year on our student report cards and these are discussed at parent /teacher/ student interviews. We have compared student results from 2011 assessments for the grade 7 group. Our Graduate Support Director immediately acts on individual student scores that appear of concern.

Make Student “HOPE” Happen

At MTMS we believe hope matters, is a choice and can be measured, learned and shared with others. How students think about their future…. “how they hope”, helps determine how well they will live their lives. At our school, we help connect today with tomorrow by actively engaging students in their own short and long term goal setting. We model hope, network hope and build upon student strength pathways of personal action. We are most grateful for our relentlessly caring staff, volunteers and generous mentors who help our students see a brighter future when life is challenging.

Our June 2015 results show MTMS group student data:

  • Hope 89%
  • Wellness 85%
  • Engagement 86%

We are proud of our results and will continue to act upon them for the success of each of our students.