MTMS was the first Jesuit fostered middle school in Canada. A key aspect of the distinctiveness of our school is the permeation of Ignation teaching and practice to help prepare our students for a successful life. MTMS is person centered and promotes “cura personalis”, care for the whole person. There is focused attention on values and high standards for students both personally and academically. MTMS is most grateful to Jesuit, Father Ben Fiore, former president of Campion College who has journeyed with the school since it was designed and who offered guidance on our Board and contacts with other Jesuit schools in the US.

In addition to preparing students to be strong and fit physically and mentally, MTMS students are exposed to spirituality as they are engaged in Spiritual Exercises. Each day there is a prayer of examination and the Student Pledge is lead by students and recited by staff and students„”In my words and in my actions, I will try to live the values of St Ignatius...”Our classrooms display key Jesuit principles. Virtue awards are given out weekly celebrating student leadership in demonstrating Jesuit virtues. Our student report card is the discussion point between parents, students and teachers on how students actually live these principles. Three times a year students provide evidence on:

  • Their understanding that God has a place in their lives.
  • Their willingness to try new things and their openness to new ideas.
  • How they strive for excellence in school.
  • How they stand up for what is right, even if it is unpopular.
  • How they believe they are capable of giving and receiving love.

School programming often integrates spiritual art into the core subject area. Students journey together reflecting on why they are doing the art and what they are saying to the rest of the world. Diverse cultures are supported and explored. The creations are spectacular but the real success is the inner growth of our students. We are developing “men and women for others”. We see this student leadership every day!


Jesuit Education and Ignatian Pedagogy

Ignatian Pedagogy: is a teaching model that seeks to develop students of competence and compassion

Jesuit Education

  • Seeks to develop the whole student – mind, body and spirit
  • Values academic excellence, interreligious understanding and service to others, especially the poor and marginalized
  • Prepares students for lifelong learning
  • Explores interface between faith and culture
  • Pays special attention to values, ethical issues and the development of moral character
  • Prepares students for rapidly changing and diverse society
  • Is broad based, comprehensive and liberal
  • Develops responsible citizens who are sensitive to the need of our times
  • Maintains optimistic view of human nature and of its possibilities
  • Fosters an integration of knowledge within and across disciplines
  • Encourages critical, analytical and creative approaches to solving problems
  • Incorporates global and international dimensions for growth and learning
  • Inspires graduates to change society and the world for the better



Ignatian Pedagogy

  • Embraces the unique qualities of each student
  • Facilitates student’s understanding of information in a personally relevant and personally appropriate manner
  • Employs a systematic, sequential and purposeful teaching plan
  • Encourages students to decide what is truly good for themselves and society through a process of discernment
  • Is challenging and rigorous
  • Is interdisciplinary
  • Makes use of novel teaching methods and technologies as they arise
  • Relies on teachers to serve as model “men and women for others” both in and out of the classroom
  • Encourages attentiveness, reverence, and devotion to reveal truth and wisdom
  • Utilizes clear and specific evaluation methods
  • Encourages student responsibility and independence
  • Emphasizes “eloquentia perfecta” – speaking and writing excellence
  • Views teaching as a vocation and as a service to others


Compiled by Debra Mooney, Ph. D  -  Conway Institute for Jesuit Education/ Center for Mission and Identity/Xavier University. www.jesuits.org