MTMS is a high tech school with significant outcomes

I am becoming Technologically Literate!

MTMS technology is used by students to help motivate themselves and others.  It helps increase their strengths and their innovation and creative thinking.

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Technological Information Literacy

MTMS students will utilize advanced information and communication strategies through the application of futuristic technology.

Digital Citizenship

(safe practices in different media)

  • cyber safety
  • cyber bullying awareness creative communication and copying

Internet Literacy

(Research and Information Fluency)

  • understand the web
  • evaluate websites
  • information literacy

Global Connectedness

(Technological Communication)

  • collaboration
  • problem solving
  • global connectedness

Creative Innovation

(applying higher level thinking)

  • trends
  • digital work
  • developing new products

Technological Problem Solving

  • student governance
  • new issues solved
  • new application