Uniform Dress

Personal Appearance / Dress Code & Uniform Dress

Students are required to wear their school provided clothing every day at Mother Teresa Middle School.  This rule will be enforced by staff and faculty.  Modifications to the uniform and dress code will be considered by the Administration if appropriate for cultural or religious reasons. Such requests should be presented to the Principal in writing.  If there is a dress code violation, disciplinary actions may be enforced.


Girls’ Uniform

  • khaki, navy or black pants, skirt, shorts or skort
  • jersey knit golf shirt with MTMS embroidery (navy, black or grey)
  • dress up uniform includes black tights, navy skort & light blue dress shirt
  • black, white or navy socks, or tights if wearing skirt
  • solid black flat shoes or school provided runners while at school

Student is to supply black flat shoes, black belt and black tights.


Boys’ Uniform

  • khaki, navy or black pants
  • jersey knit golf shirt with MTMS Logo (navy, grey, black)
  • black, white or navy crew socks
  • dress up uniform includes navy pants & light blue dress shirt with tie
  • dress shoes or school provided runners while at school

Student is to supply black dress shoes and black belt.


P.E. Uniform

Physical education classes take place daily at MTMS.  All students are required to change into MTMS gym strip prior to P.E. class:

  • grey, navy, blue or green Mother Teresa Middle School t-shirt
  • navy sweat pants or shorts


Notes on Uniform

  • only solid white t-shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt
  • shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • holes in uniforms should be repaired immediately
  • no blue jeans are acceptable



  • students should be neat and clean at all times
  • hair should not cover the student’s eyes
  • any form of dress or hairstyle that is extreme will not be permitted 


Not allowed

The following items are not to be worn at school:

  • platform shoes, high heeled shoes or sandals
  • open-toed shoes, slip-on or backless shoes
  • excessive jewelry (one necklace, bracelet or ring is allowed – must be removed for P.E. class) One stud earring/ear is allowed; no multiple piercings and no hoops or dangling earrings
  • make-up of any kind or fake nails
  • hats inside
  • perfume, cologne, scented body spray, scented lotion
  • gang related jewelry, gang related manner of wearing clothes or shoes
  • t-shirts with inappropriate slogans or pictures or sleeveless/muscle shirts

Uniform Examples