Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) is a non-profit, independent school that provides an enhanced, holistic, Saskatchewan Ministry approved, faith-based, middle school (Grade 6-8) education to highly motivated, marginalized students. MTMS admits students of all faiths, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The goal of the admissions process is to determine whether MTMS is the right school for prospective students and their families. Our academic environment includes a climate of high expectations, a rigorous academic program, spiritual exploration, sports and extracurricular activities, extended day enrichment activities and summer programming. Since MTMS intends to follow students to employment, a potential 11-plus year commitment, selecting students and families who show long-term commitment, is critical. 

Who is Eligible to Apply?

A prospective Mother Teresa Middle School student should meet the following requirements:

  1. Is a resident of Regina.
  2. Is entering or matriculating into Grade 6.
  3. Is supported by a parent/guardian/caregiver/significant adult who is committed to their academic and behavioural success.
  4. Has demonstrated personal commitment to their academic growth.
  5. Has demonstrated consistent, positive behaviour that is not harmful to their peers, themselves or their school community.
  6. Has displayed a past commitment to school attendance.
  7. At the time of adimssion, the perspecitve family can demonstrate financial need.