Grade 8's

Our grade 8 students were surprised when they found out they would be travelling to Ottawa for We Day, courtesy of West Jet. They will be travelling to the airport in the next few days to have a tour and see the inner working of this facility in preparation for their trip.

They also had an opportunity to travel to the Saskatchewan Science Centre and dissect fetal pigs. This was the final wrap up to our Cells and Body Systems Science unit.

The Crab Apple Jelly “Me to We” fundraiser is going strong! Over 40 jars of Jelly have been sold thus far. Our students hope to raise $2500 for the Regina Transition House. Call our office to purchase your own jar, 306-569-6867!

The Sound of Music was performed by the Luther College High school students and our grade eights were lucky enough to attend. This was just one small part of our high school transition program.


Grade 7's

The grade 7 students were involved in a workshop that was led by Trina Markussun that focused on mindfulness. This workshop provides our students another set of tools to build their grit and resilience.

Do It With Class invited our grade seven class to their production of Alice in Wonderland and we are very excited to attend!

Some of our grade seven students have also been involved in the "Strings for Change" Violin program. Our senior violinist had two opportunities to sharing their gifts and talents.  Thanks to Casino Regina, we will continue with this programming with their 40,000 dollar donation.  

On Thursday night the grade 7's will attend the mentor mixer. The purpose of this event is to match up our grade 7 students with community members to add additional support for them through the next stages of their lives. For more info about our mentoring program click here.

Grade 6's

Our grade six class started their week making electrical cords with Danny Croft and his team from Croft electric. They learned how to strip wire as well as attach the plugs to the end of the cord. This hands-on activity wraps up the electricity unit in science.


High School Students

Many of the MTMS students out in high school have come back to visit. Whether it is to work on homework, for guidance or just to have a chat, we are always so happy to see them. It is amazing to see all of their accomplishments, and we know they will continue to be successful.