A Jesuit Education

People for Others

Jesuit education, grounded in the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, focuses on guiding a person to understand God’s role in their lives, and helping that person to respond in love and service. Mother Teresa Middle School seeks to create, “People for Others”, using Jesuit philosophies, models and teaching methods to graduate students who are: Loving, Spiritually Alive, Intellectually Competent, Open to Growth and Committed to Doing Justice.


Jesuit Education

Jesuit education aims to form life-long learners imbued with an Ignatian approach to living shaped by the knowledge, understanding, and use of the interplay of experience, reflection, and action. MTMS promotes more than academic success – we cultivate personal responsibility, social skills and leadership, balanced with a strong spiritual foundation. Students come to MTMS with a variety of life experiences and emotional needs. MTMS’s goals of encouraging students to be “spiritually alive” means to help them learn to respect their own faith and spiritual traditions, to understand where they come from and who they hope to become and also, learn to respect other faiths and traditions. Students journey together reflecting on their relationships with others and themselves, to seek purpose and vocation in their lives and communities.


Nativity Model

Nativity schools are faith-based schools modeled after the first institution founded by the Jesuits in 1971 at the Mission of the Nativity on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Schools follow a successful model in preparing children from low-income backgrounds for the rigors of high school and post-secondary education. As an independent, faith-based school and member of the NativityMiguel Coalition of schools, we support our students’ spiritual growth as they grapple with important moral and ethical choices. Each of the participating 50 schools in the Coalition adheres to the same set of universal standards that challenges its students to go beyond academic excellence, to be reflective and to be committed to service. 

Learn more: www.nativitymiguel.org


Partnership Rooted in Shared Values