School History


A number of years ago, Regina-based business man Paul Hill and his wife Carol, had the opportunity to hear Mother Teresa speak during a trip to India. The Hill’s, and the group they were with, were so inspired by Mother Teresa’s words they tried to immediately express their gratitude. As they opened their wallets, Mother Teresa told them, “I don’t want your money. What I would like you to do is go back to your community, identify a need and then give of yourself and your resources to fill that need.”

Several years later, during a business trip in Southern California, Mr. Hill came across a network of schools, now referred to as the NativityMiguel Coalition of Schools, designed to provide impoverished families with an innovative and transformative educational experience for their children. This inspired him to explore the potential of having such a school in Canada. 

In 2007, Paul and Carol, with the support and guidance of Mo Bundon and his wife, Michelle Carr, and The One Life Makes a Difference Foundation, embarked on the journey to explore the opportunity to opening Canada’s first NativityMiguel modelled school. In 2011, Mother Teresa Middle School opened the doors to its first Grade 6 class. Each year, MTMS accepts 20 new students entering Grade 6 to begin this life-changing, educational journey.