High School

The MTMS Graduate Support Program

The Graduate Support Program offers academic, financial, career and communal support to alumni, helping graduates to persist and succeed throughout their educational journey and beyond.

A Long & Fulfilling Educational Journey

The Graduate Support Program (GSP) is the next phase in the MTMS journey once our students leave grade 8 and transition to high school. The GSP has dedicated staff that ensures students are attending school and helps them to problem-solve the social, financial and educational barriers as they work towards high school graduation. 

High School Placement

Successful transition into high school begins in grade 8 with tours of high schools, as well as the creation of an individualized transition plan. The Graduate Support Team works closely with all grade 8 students and families to provide the following services:

  1. Education on and recommendation of high schools (Independent/Private, Regina Catholic, Regina Public)
  2. Coordinate tours of the different high schools in and around Regina
  3. Communicate with high schools and advocate for MTMS students
  4. Support high school registration
  5. Organize and submit all applications
  6. Securing potential Scholarships and Bursaries

High School Success

The Graduate Support Program continues to walk with all MTMS graduates at their respective high schools, providing the following services and supports:

  1. Visit with students at their respective high schools to check-in
  2. Communicate regularly with students' high school guidance counselors/advisors
  3. Problem solve barriers to attendance, engagement and participation
  4. Connect students to academic supports/tutoring when necessary
  5. Provide opportunities to engage in cultural programming, traditional teachings and spiritual growth
  6. Provide crisis intervention/support (academic, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing)
  7. Provide academic supplies, clothing, equipment costs, hygiene care, dorm supplies, transportation/bus passes etc. 
  8. Connect students with potential summer job opportunities

Alumni Engagement

As our graduates transition in life, beyond the walls of Mother Teresa Middle School, we see them as a valuable part of our community and look to keep them connected to the MTMS Family for years to come, by:

  1. Hosting several 'High School Nights' at MTMS (celebrations, study sessions, small group collaboration)
  2. Connecting with graduates through various social media platforms
  3. Offering service opportunities for alumni to re-engage with younger MTMS students
  4. Mentorship programming with current MTMS students