The Grade 8 Class at Mother Teresa Middle School challenges you to a Stock Off in support of a Syrian refugee family. This initiative will help teach financial literacy, math skills and support a very worthy cause.

How it works:

Step 1. Choose 3 companies that have their stock listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Step 2. Fill out the entry form with your three stock picks online at

  • Each stock you choose will be included in your portfolio at a value of $333 on the 1st day of the contest.

Step 3. Submit your entry by March 7, 2016.

How are portfolios calculated?

Our Grade 8 students will calculate the number of shares you have of each company based on the closing price of that stock on March 7th. The total value of your portfolio at that time will be $999.

Example: If one share of a stock is worth $11 on March 7, you would receive 30.27 shares of that stock (Rounded to the nearest hundredth.)

Students will then calculate midway through the contest and rank each participant according to their portfolio value. That list will be made available to all participants.

Example: If that $11 stock is now worth $12 per share we would take the amount of shares you owned from March 1st and multiply it by the new price.

12x30.27= Your stock would now be worth $363.24

The students will do a final calculation at the end of the contest (closing price May 6th, 2016)

Upon completion of calculations we will publish the list the following week.

The most valuable non-student portfolio will be declared the winner.

All money from this event will be donated to the Christ the King Catholic Church refugee fund in support of a Syrian refugee family coming to Regina.

A tax receipt for the amount of the donation will be issued in the name of the champion “non-student” stock picker.