Abdullah Hashmi knows the value of hard work. As a hobby, he fixes up cars and is always exploring new ways to grow and challenge himself. He has put in a lot of effort to get where he is today and is looking forward to starting his undergraduate degree at the Paul J. Hill School of Business in the Fall of 2023. “Effort is always rewarded. The harder you work, the better the outcome will be,” said Hashmi when asked what advice has helped him the most on his educational and entrepreneurial journey.

MTMS Alum (from left to right: Dray Cyr, Abdullah Hashmi, Yetunde Ogundibo, and Alex Panaligan) participate in the MT Cup, a fun game of basketball with the middle school students.  

Building A Solid Foundation

Hashmi is thankful for the opportunities that MTMS has provided for him. “When I first came to MTMS, I noticed a drastic change. We had a bunch of learning experiences outside the walls of the classroom. We volunteered in the community a lot. I learned and developed tons of skills in middle school,” said Hashmi. His time at middle school helped build a solid foundation for his studies in high school. “I knew I could depend on the MTMS Graduate Support Program (GSP) if I needed anything in high school. All the support they provided for me from lunch cards to check-ins, put me in a position to succeed,” added Hashmi.

“I am who I am because of MTMS" - MTMS Alum Abdullah Hashmi

Successful Outcomes

Hashmi returns to MTMS for weekly Calculus tutoring sessions. The GSP has connected him with Maria Treso, a retired math teacher. “It’s refreshing to see Abdullah’s desire to succeed. He has goals and he’s not afraid to work hard to achieve them.” Treso is cheering on this young entrepreneur. “He likes to help people by identifying their needs and creating a business to respond to that need.” Whether fixing and reselling watches and cars or purchasing a pressure washer and going door to door with his cleaning service, Hashmi is creative and determined to make a difference. 

Maria Treso and Hashmi work on a math problem.

Recently, Hashmi was one of four guest alum who played in the highly anticipated MT Cup, a fun game of basketball with the middle school students. “I am who I am because of MTMS. I like going back to the middle school to encourage the students to find out what they are passionate about and to stick with it. There are a lot of opportunities for them. I want to see them succeed,” he said. Hashmi has found his own success and is excited to be the very first MTMS alum to enroll at the Paul J. Hill School of Business! 


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