“Mother Teresa Middle School had high expectations, the supports in place to succeed, and made it fun to come to school. There was a fear of missing out. I looked forward to coming to school every day.” – Draydin Cyr, MTMS Alumni

It is a full circle moment for Draydin Cyr, a 4th-year student in the Faculty of Education at the First Nations University of Canada who recently began his education internship at Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS). Cyr was one of seventeen students who were part of the first-ever class at MTMS when the school opened its doors in 2011. “When I walk into the school today, the atmosphere still feels the same as when I first walked through the doors in middle school. You feel that sense of belonging and connection,” said Cyr.

That sense of belonging and connection he experienced during middle school is something Cyr credits for igniting his love of learning and leading him on a path toward becoming a teacher. “The opportunity to give back, interact with youth and create those circles of belonging sparked my interest in teaching. I experienced the impact that the teachers and staff had in my life and wanted to pay it forward,” said Cyr. 


Overcoming Barriers

Cyr did not always have a positive view of school. Despite getting good grades, Cyr described how he had low attendance, was disengaged in class, and faced barriers to participating in extracurricular activities. His outlook on school changed when he came to MTMS. “MTMS had high expectations, the supports in place to succeed, and made it fun to come to school. There was a fear of missing out. I looked forward to coming to school every day,” said Cyr. 

MTMS supports students from Grade 6 throughout high school and post-secondary to employment. Cyr has an appreciation of the support MTMS offers beyond middle school. While in high school, he lived in a dorm away from home. He described how the MTMS Graduate Support Team checked in with him regularly throughout high school to ensure he had everything he needed to keep his grades up and support his passions. “In high school, the Graduate Support Team helped break down the financial barriers for me to participate in the activities I loved. They provided funding for mouthguards, cleats, and gloves so I could play football. They kept in touch, and it was great to know that MTMS was there to help me with whatever I needed to be successful,” said Cyr. 


Returning to MTMS

Cyr visits with MTMS supporter Granny Jean

CBC article featuring MTMS and Cyr was published when he was in Grade 8. He recalls discussing how he was interested in teaching in the article. “I re-read the article the other day and mentioned how education is a gift and how I wanted to pay it forward,” said Cyr, who is from Pasqua First Nation. 

The opportunity for Cyr to complete his internship at MTMS was meant to be. “Mr. G (Director of Student Support, Ron Gonzales) reached out to me and we talked about where I was in my education program. He asked about my internship placement and if I was interested in completing it at MTMS,” said Cyr. Returning to MTMS to complete his internship was something that he could not turn down. “I always felt a connection to the school. It feels like family here,” said Cyr. 


Inspiring Youth

Reflecting on his educational journey, Cyr hopes to encourage other students to get involved as much as possible and build positive habits. “Develop yourself holistically and get involved in extracurricular activities. Build up your self-esteem and spirituality through being engaged. Develop healthy habits in middle school and carry those habits into high school and post-secondary,” said Cyr when asked what advice he would like to share with current students. As Cyr completes his internship, he looks forward to helping students discover their passions and inspiring growth. “I want to show MTMS students that we came from the same place. You can do it. You can take advantage of all the opportunities that MTMS offers,” said Cyr. 




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