Some of the MTMS alumni participated in the O'Neill Titans Wrestling Invitational. All of the students did very well and we had one student receive gold in their weight category and another that received bronze. Great work Alum's!

Our grade 8 students are continuing to evaluate all of their options for High School. They travelled to Miller this past week for a high school visit. They were able to participate in some of the unique classes that Miller has to offer. The students will travel to O'Neill High School after the break and spend half a day there as well.

Our Grade 6 and 7 classes hosted their first "Editing Extravaganza". Many community members, mentors, and staff members joined our students to help edit their 5 paragraph essays. The grade 7 students have been researching a famous person and the grade 6 students researched an animal.

We have entered the Lent Season and we joined St. Michaels in an Ash Wednesday Mass. The grade 8 students also participated in the Lent Challenge Workout. The students went through the 14 Stations of the Cross and after each station they performed an exercise.

"It's Purpose is to take part in the sufferings of Christ and to lift up our suffering to Him in praise and thanksgiving, for the intentions of others, and to spread His message to the World." (John Chick, 2016)

Yara has sponsored our grade 6 class trip to the Science Centre. The students will be taking part in the "Ecosystem in a Bottle" workshop. We will head to the IMAX and watch the new film about National Parks after the workshop. It is a great way to enhance the grade 6 Diversity of Living Things unit. Thank you Yara!