As we wrap-up our seventh week at MTMS, I am reminded of the phrase, “mind the gap”, when talking with students, staff, and our greater school community. When heard in its original context, this message encourages passengers on a London subway car to be mindful of the space, or gap, between the subway car they are exiting and the platform they are stepping onto.

Students and staff at MTMS, are also reminded to “mind the gap”. This phrase references not only the physical gap we must maintain to keep one another safe, but the gap between MTMS programming that students have enjoyed in past years, compared to what programming currently looks like. Academic spaces have been re-imagined, co-curricular offerings have been altered, meal distribution and options adjusted and physical distancing requirements implemented. In short, the breadth and depth of the traditional MTMS experience has been affected by the global pandemic, but not diminished.

Despite it all, one overwhelming feature stands out: our ability to foster an even greater community of care. The sense of community at MTMS is our strongest and most distinguishable feature. Fundamental to our well-being and personal resilience is knowing that we are surrounded by a community who cares deeply about student success. By leaning into courageous conversations and creating authentic relationships, we hope to bridge the social, emotional and intellectual gaps experienced by students and staff during the lengthy at-home learning period.

While there are noticeable differences, we remain grateful for the unmatched group of people in our corner– adults (teachers, volunteers, donors, mentors) and students alike – who are open to embracing new initiatives, opportunities and traditions. Perhaps a better way of describing our present circumstance is captured in the axiom, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”. Rest assured, our staff, Board of Directors, and caring community partners are working hard to provide the best possible glass of lemonade, filled with sweet experiences, refreshing challenges and cool memories, for MTMS students every day! Last week’s celebratory pancake breakfast and Mindful Beading Hour as part of Bringing Back the Buffalo cultural program, were a testament to that effort!

So, going forward, let’s all be mindful of the gaps.

And please pass the lemonade.

Mira Trebilcock´╗┐
Director of Development
306-569-6867 x. 205