Greg Rieder is known for his love of teaching and cycling. For over a decade as a teacher at Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS), he has been sharing his passion for both. It seemed fitting that before his retirement, he secured new Specialized bikes for MTMS through a grant from Outride, a school-based cycling program. 

One of the highlights for many Grade 8 students was joining Mr. Rieder on an annual 20 km bike trip around Regina. But it was not just about the ride. Rieder always went the extra mile, arranging the bikes and helmets, tuning up the bikes, planning the route, and incorporating team-building activities and games throughout the trip. It made for a fun and memorable experience that students talked about years later. “I think it is one of those things that just expands a student’s horizon and helps them recognize the possibilities. There are lots of kids who said after the bike trip that they want to keep riding, and many of them do,” said Rieder.

The MTMS Radio Club on a tour at Harvard Broadcasting.

Igniting a Love of Learning

Rieder has taught every student who completed middle school at MTMS and always found ways to make learning exciting. From playing upbeat music as students arrived in the classroom to complete their morning bell work, utilizing technology in creative ways, or connecting the classroom material to real-life examples through field trips. He also was regularly involved in Genius Hour, an hour of after-school enrichment programming. Having a background in radio, he started an MTMS Radio Club, providing students the opportunity to learn about audio recording, editing, and even getting to tour a radio station. He was also involved in coaching many of the MTMS Blues sports teams.   

Rieder said that he got into teaching to make a difference. The lasting impact he made was evident when alumni would come by to visit the school. They would often stop by his classroom to have a good conversation and provide a life update. “MTMS has provided so many opportunities to serve in impactful ways. I’ve met amazing students and people. You see students years later working away towards their goals and it’s great to see them finding success,” said Rieder.

Rieder speaking at a Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony.

Riding Off into the Sunset

Though retiring, Rieder plans to continue supporting the school and coming back for visits. His immediate plans are preparing for a bike trip across Western Canada this Spring. In 1991, he pedaled his way from Regina to Halifax. He now wants to complete the cross-Canada trek. “I always had in the back of my mind that I would like to finish the trip. So I plan to start in Victoria at Mile Zero of the Trans Canada Highway and ride back to Regina,” said Rieder. Drawing on advice he often provided to students, he looks forward to the opportunity. “I know there's going to be hard days but I look forward to fully embracing the opportunity and enjoying the ride,” said Rieder.


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