TIs' that time of year again! The students have been working hard on their progress reports this week! Reflecting on the past term and setting goals for the next. Student led conferences begin next week!

Another Me to We project is underway. Our grade 8 class started their Stock Market Challenge fundraiser this past week and we have approximately 30 participants in this contest! All of the money raised will be donated to Christ the King Catholic Church refugee fund in support of a Syrian refugee family coming to Regina. Good luck to all contestants!

Teacher’s convention happens this Friday for our staff. We will gather with all Regina teachers at the Centre of The Arts. Sessions include

Digital Storytelling
Environmental Auditing
Drums in Education                                           
Financial Literacy & Planning                
Understanding STF Benefits
Curricular Links in the First Nations University of Canada                     
Legal Understandings for In-School Administrators                        
Islamic Cultural Competencies & Understandings        


Thank you to all the staff who participated in the build for one of our families who are going to be moving into their Habitat for Humanity home in the Fall.


Our grade 6 students led us in prayer this week at Campion Mass. Here are their prayers for this week.

For God’s love and peace to live within our hearts.  That we could each turn to God when we feel sad, mad or happy, and that we would give our worries and cares to Him.

For the refugees coming to Canada, and for those already with us.  We pray that Canada would be a safe place for them and that our community could make their lives better. 

For every child to have the right to go to school, to be safe and to be loved by their family.

For the people of Laloche.  May God comfrot htem with His love.  We pray for healing in Laloche, and we pray that Laloche will have peace.

For those who are suffering.  May they find good things and know that God has a path that is better than what they have now.

For the new Grade 6 students coming to MTMS.  We pray that they will see peace and happiness at MTMS, and that they will know they belong here. 

For our Grade 8 students who are leaving MTMS and taking a big step in their lives.  We pray that they would never give up, always try their best and always choose to do what is right.


Our girls participated in our 5th Annual “Girl’s Night Out”.  Thank you to Pat (Stan’s wife) and Meagan his grand-daughter for joining us and painting our girl’s nails.