In keeping with the best of the Jesuit tradition, Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) is committed to social justice. We recognize that racism and discrimination have restricted spiritual and cultural expression while limiting economic opportunities and life outcomes of Indigenous peoples, African Canadians, visible minorities and people of colour in communities across our country, Turtle Island and around the world. Resultant structural inequalities have contributed to sustained poverty, intergenerational trauma and harm to children, families and communities. At MTMS, we are committed to the loving care of our students and to advocating for a world without social or cultural discrimination and biases, where the basic human rights of all are respected, valued and protected.  

We acknowledge that ambivalence and apathy are human responses to the sometimes-overwhelming amount of news, information, and calls-to-action that are occurring against the backdrop of the global pandemic. Notwithstanding that impulse, in the spirit of reconciliation and solidarity, we reaffirm our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice and to confronting systemic oppression and inequality. We understand that the work to address racism, race-based violence and discrimination requires ongoing conversation, listening, awareness-building, and action.  It requires the re-imagination of Canadian history and our places in it because we need to understand past mistakes to be able to grow as a society and achieve justice for all. At MTMS, we will continue to journey together, with our students and our community, toward truth and reconciliation, opposing racism and discrimination by changing lives through education for social justice and the service of others.

Curtis Kleisinger

Executive Director