Your Generosity...

Fosters Hope. Empowers Success. Builds Brighter Futures.                                 
My name is Anisha Regmi, I am an alumna of Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) and I am currently in grade 12. Today, I want to share with you the impact that donors to MTMS have had on my educational and personal journey.
As an immigrant to Canada, I have always been aware of the sacrifices my parents made in hopes of a brighter future for my brother and me. Knowing this, I always want to make my parents proud by being successful. When I came to MTMS, I realized that being successful is not defined by mere marks, but by our interactions and the impact we can have in our communities. Through the experiences we shared at MTMS, the people we have met and grown with, I gained the understanding that being successful is about learning from others, making mistakes and the ability to be resilient during tough times.
I want to share one of the many powerful moments that have stood out and helped guide my journey as an MTMS alumna. In Grade 7, we hosted a gingerbread fundraiser and donated the proceeds to build a classroom in India. This endeavour helped me recognize how the small steps we take can have an exponential impact on someone else’s educational journey. I had lived similar to the students in India and was now in a new country, getting to attend MTMS. It made me recognize the value of education and it made me realize how lucky I am to have access to such a supportive school. I look back now and if it was not for the Graduate Support Team at MTMS, high school might look very different. In working with Mr. G and his team, I learned of the many different options available to me, but the thought of getting to school when I lived so far away and the additional barriers was daunting. Thanks to the generosity of the MTMS community, I never could have imagined the high school experience that awaited.
With your support, MTMS was able to remove these barriers, providing me with a bus pass to get safely to and from school for the last 4 years and lunch cards so I could refuel with a nutritious meal. For my math classes, I required supplies like a graphing calculator and extra academic support to properly engage in learning. Support with these details alleviated so much financial pressure and allowed me to focus and excel in my studies. The support goes far beyond financial resources, MTMS has always been there to assist me with my goals. This fall, that looked like helping me complete university application material, providing guidance about open houses and facilitating scholarship application seminars. They helped me to feel prepared.
I am excited to share that I have been accepted to the University of Regina to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biology! I plan to utilize that degree as a stepping stone to enter medical school and pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. The support of so many generous individuals has helped students like me to both realize and achieve our potential and I want to pass on that same care. I believe that being a doctor will allow me to do just that. Growing up in an immigrant family, I had to work for the things I wanted, but I also recognize that I was very fortunate with opportunities and help provided by MTMS. In the future, I want to be able to give others this same opportunity - to pursue their dreams - like I have been given. I know my parents are proud of my accomplishments so far, but my journey is far from over. Donor support has helped to turn my dreams into reality and I hope so many more students can share in this feeling.
This holiday season, I hope that you will make a  gift to MTMS , not for me, but for the other 157 students like me, who are working to change their own narrative. Please know, your gift today will foster hope, empower success and help to build brighter futures for MTMS students! 
With a grateful heart,