Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS)

provides an enhanced, holistic, middle school education to Regina's vulnerable inner city youth.

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March 11, 2015
The Sky’s the Limit is a celebration of scholastic success and to showcase our graduating class of Grade 8 students as they reveal their chosen...

Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 15, 2014
December 12th is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a Juan Diego, a poor Aztec Indian in Mexico in...

Crabapple Jelly
December 12, 2014
Our “Crabapple Jelly, Me to We, project” was a huge success. We are so proud of our 8th grade students for leading by example at MTMS. Thetotal...

December 6, 2014
On Friday, December 5th, Mark Docherty, Sask Party MLA for Regina Cornation Park and Gene Makowsky, Sask Party MLA for Regina Dewdney, came to...

Food Bank
November 30, 2014
On November 29th, MacPherson, Leslie & Tyerman (MLT) invited MTMS staff and students to join their team at the Food Bank. We are proud to say that...

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