After a week at Tim Horton’s camp, we look back and reflect on the amazing opportunity we had! Here are some of the moments that the students had this week, in their own words.

"I was Open to Growth when I first tried archery. I was scared on the inside at the start and then I was able to overcome my fear, which made it fun!"



"I was my most genuine self when I was doing archery. I was able to focus on hitting the target and had no worries."

- Heidi


"I was a leader at low ropes. I was always listening and doing what I was told, and by doing this I was setting a good example for the other students."



"The experience in the Canadian Rockies is important to me because I love Nature, I love meeting new people and lastly I like creating memories to look back on."

- Paiton


"I was my most genuine self when I was rock climbing. I was nervous at first and wanted to stop half way up the wall. Mr. Nelson then encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone. I made it to the top!"

- Jordan


What did you learn this week that you could carry with you into the future that will help you to be successful?

"I was able to develop my social skills and this will help me to stay connected with people in life, later on."



"I was Open to Growth when I helped brush the horse’s hair. I was scared at first but after a while I started to love brushing the horses hair and petting him. I also got to walk the horse (Edwin) which was very exciting. I loved it!"