MTMS’s commitment to follow students from grade 6 to the time of employment is a potential 11-plus year commitment. By motivating and equipping more students to graduate high school and pursue higher education, MTMS is giving them the opportunity to leave poverty behind and use their academic learning as a foothold for social and economic change.  


Post-secondary Access

Graduate Support provides high school students in grade 11 and 12 with the necessary tools and knowledge to explore, apply to and matriculate to post-secondary education. Alumni will have the opportunity to work with the College and Careers Coach at MTMS to navigate post-secondary program requirements such as: 

  1. Navigate course requirements for chosen program
  2. Support with university campus visits and orientation evenings
  3. Identify programs and schools that are the best match
  4. Provide alumni with application support & associated fees
  5. Support with scholarship recommendations and the application process
  6. Support with First Nations Band funding applications
  7. Guide alumni and families in financial aid/student loan/grant application process

Post-secondary Journey

Graduate Support provides post-secondary students with the necessary resources and support to successfully complete their post-secondary education or explore alternative paths.

  1. Counsel in college course selection and degree planning
  2. Provide social/emotional transition support
  3. Provide mentorship in the cultural and spiritual growth of alumni
  4. Conduct campus visits for academic, social and financial check-ins
  5. Support financial aid renewal, financial aid appeal process and scholarship applications
  6. Connect student to necessary on-campus resources
  7. Serve as an advocate for the student in their journey
  8. Support students in employment searches
  9. Provide networking opportunities with the MTMS community

Career Development

Graduate Support leans on the breadth and generosity of the MTMS Community to support the bright, young men and women who have faced difficult odds and have persevered in the most remarkable ways. The Graduate Support Team provides alumni with the following supports:

  1. Resume review and feedback
  2. Practice and refinement of interview skills
  3. Support of part-time and summer employment search
  4. Partner with organizations to connect our graduates to networking and career opportunities
  5. Provide guidance in the exploration and discernment of possible careers