Cura Personalis


There are many factors outside the classroom that can impact a student’s ability to learn and thrive. MTMS works to ensure that students and families have all the tools they need to be successful. 

Mother Teresa Middle School is guided by the Jesuit ideal of ‘cura personalis’ which means, care for the whole person. This includes tending to students intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and emotional needs. The following supports are provided to each student with the aim of removing barriers to learning:

  • School clothing and outerwear

  • Transportation to and from school daily

  • Two meals and two snacks daily

  • Eye exams/glasses

  • Dental care

  • Auditory care

  • Student laptops and technology

  • Cultural programming

  • Band fees and equipment rental

  • Access to professional counselling

  • Family support

  • 40+ after-school enrichment opportunities

  • Sports and healthy lifestyle programming

  • Summer programming