Athletics, Extracurriculars & Service

The work of forming Regina’s vulnerable youth into Men and Women for Others is not just for the classroom. MTMS offers a wide variety of sports programs, extracurricular activities, as well as community service and faith formation opportunities. 

Extended School Day

MTMS’s extended day model gives our students an extensive support structure that enables them to grow and thrive. Throughout the year, there are roughly 40 enrichment opportunities available. Past enrichment electives have included: art, First Nations dancing, Battle of the Books, photography, entrepreneurship (MTEC), inter-school sports activities (including volleyball, soccer, basketball and track), Chess Club, cooking, computer coding, First Nations Drumming and much more.

Athletics – The MTMS Blues


Involvement in athletics and team sports encourages our students to be active and helps them to develop leadership skills and team work no matter their role on their team. MTMS participates in a number of extra-curricular sports as part of the Regina Catholic School (RCS) league. These include: aerial football, badminton, basketball, cross country, volleyball, track and field.

The Blues name originated in reference to the blue colour that is synonymous with Mother Teresa Sisters of Charity and the three stripes of blue that embody their habits. The winged "B" represents MTMS athletes. 

Summer Programming

The Summer Program is a critical component of Mother Teresa Middle School’s unique education model. MTMS’s Summer Student Retreat and Summer Leadership Academy provides three weeks of optimized time for exploration, learning and summer enrichment. The summer programs are run by MTMS staff and volunteers. These programs ensure students’ experience hands on learning to reinforce the core curriculum and more notably, offer various avenues for enrichment through new experiences.

Summer Student Retreat

During the MTMS Summer Student Retreat, MTMS staff travel with students in grades 7 and 8 to Alberta. Students spend six action-packed days exploring new cities, growing their leadership skills and engaging in experiential learning. Throughout the trip, students will reside on the outskirts of Cochrane, AB, at the Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre. This locaton provides an excellent opportunity to provide land-based learning to students, lead by the School's Cultural Liaison. Socially and spiritually fulfilling programming fosters relationship building, bonding, exploration of the Rocky Mountains, healing and problem solving. This is a unique, powerful experience for MTMS students who have rarely, if ever, travelled out of province. The retreat delivers structured, intentional and specific curriculum to prepare students for the leadership roles they will assume in the upcoming school year. 

Summer Leadership Academy 

The Summer Leadership Academy is a two-week, day-program for MTMS students in grades 6 to 8, hosted at the University of Regina, Campion College and the First Nations University of Canada. The Summer Leadership Academy ensures MTMS students are engaged, growing and learning throughout the summer. Incoming Grade 6 students have a chance to orient themselves with MTMS culture, staff and returning students. Students participate in various workshops, activities and sports throughout the two weeks. Additionally, this Academy provides students with exposure to life on a post-secondary campus, which allows them to envision themselves there in the future.

Community Involvement

Each student is expected to participate in community service events each year, learn about the social issues surrounding the initiatives they serve and reflect on their experiences.

Existing service partnerships include:

  • Eden Care Communities
  • MLT Aikins & the Regina Food Bank
  • Mother Teresa Entrenpeurship Club (MTEC)